SunPass Overhead Toll System


SunPass Overhead Toll System

Client:   State of Florida
Location:   Florida Turnpike
Surface Area: 450,000 m2
Year Completed:   2015
Value: $850,000
Architect:   Florida Turnpike

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) commissioned HSI to implement all-electronic, no-cash tolling — a safer, more efficient, seamless method of collecting tolls from customers — on Florida’s Turnpike from south of Ft. Lauderdale to Miami/Homestead, the Sawgrass Expressway, the Veterans Expressway and the I-4 Connector.

The Challenges

All-electronic, no-cash tolling is a set of technologies that allow for the payment of tolls electronically, using special equipment located on overhead gantries. Simply put, it refers to a toll road without cash tollbooths, where traffic flows unimpeded at ramp or highway speeds. Tolls are collected through a SunPass transponder or through TOLL-BY-PLATE — a system that captures images of license plates and bills customers. All-electronic toll collection provides added convenience for drivers who no longer have to slow down or stop to pay a toll.

This project took about 8 months to complete from start to finish. The frames were constructed with HS Steel and Aluminum material using AWS D1.1 mig/tig welding techniques. We made sure every step of the process was FDOT and Turnpike compliant. The system to collect tolls was provided by Transcore Systems.